Goals16    Rose-Hulman attracts talented students from around the country. Our college enjoys high demand in recruitment and national accolades for the quality of our graduates and our faculty. Our graduates have some of the highest starting salaries in the country, and our career placement rate for graduates is nearly 100 percent.      "We are in an enviable position by many measures," says President Robert A. Coons. However, he adds, alumni consistently are disappointed by the institute's poor name recognition beyond Indiana. "Rose-Hulman has a strong reputation among our peers and with many corporate recruiters, but with the explosion of communication channels available today, more work needs to be done to have name recognition commensurate with our reputation," he says.
   Some benchmarking and preliminary work has already started on this goal, reports Coons. "Rose-Hulman has never embarked upon a formal strategic marketing plan to shift public perception from limited, niche recognition to a heightened awareness among extended audiences and geography," he says.
   Alumni agree and are supportive. "I was most surprised at the collective desire for Rose-Hulman to be a globally recognized institute of higher learning," says Trustee Ben Giant (ME, 2003). "Taking my first job in Texas, I was frustrated at the sheer amount of people who had never heard of my alma mater. I relish the thought of not having to explain where and what Rose-Hulman is when I travel outside of the Midwest. I can't wait to see how the institute tackles this."