Goals2 The highest standards of educational quality are infused throughout the Rose-Hulman curriculum. This has not been by accident-it has been through intentional, strategic steps. Goal 1 addresses a plan to support and recognize academic innovation in order to continue to be a leader in pedagogical change. Goal 1 and its Strategies address the steps to pursue excellence vigilantly, to safeguard the quality of our educational environment, and to explore the forefront of science, engineering, and mathematics education for the next generation of students.
   "What struck me during The 'Great' Debate was that the last time Rose-Hulman had made a significant leap in education was more than 15 years ago," says Sarah Sanborn (CHE, 2004; MSBE, 2006) in reference to the move to co-education and requiring students to own personal laptops. "It reminds us that in order to remain best-in class Rose-Hulman needs to be innovating in education versus continuing down the same path," continues Sanborn.
   "In the past, inventiveness and mastery of technology were characteristics of successful nations and societies," observes William Kline, Ph.D., Dean of Innovation and Engagement. He draws a parallel to what Rose-Hulman's leadership to the world can be. "In the future, the mastery of innovation and complexity, along with global connectivity will be necessary to survive and thrive. The ability to partner, connect, and rapidly develop new solutions and processes to create value, develop new industries, and create sustainable societies will result in prosperity and a higher quality of life."