Moravecs Family

The Rose-Hulman experience has been five times as sweet for the Moravec family, whose five siblings have appreciated the opportunities to learn about themselves and their futures in college.

It's a fascinating family within the Rose- Hulman Family, and possibly the most members of one family ever to attend the college at one time.

First, there's Matt, a junior computer engineering major who arrived in 2009. Then, there's the sophomore fraternal quadruplets that came last fall: Leah, a biomedical engineering major; Katherine, a chemical engineering/chemistry major; Patricia, a mechanical engineering/physics student; and Christina, who attended for one year before leaving campus this fall.

The remaining four are getting fully immersed into Rose-Hulman, becoming residence life leaders, competing on athletic teams, joining Greek organizations, and extending the family with newfound friends, faculty members, and staff colleagues.

"We have different personalities and different goals, but the same family values," says Leah.

Patricia quickly interjects, "Most importantly, we're always supportive of each other. When we're having one of those frustrating days on campus, it's nice to have family here. We get together and share a good laugh."

The Moravec sisters also shared the same differential equations course last spring and are members of the same sorority, Delta Delta Delta. Other than that, the siblings rarely see each other on campus. They lived across three residence halls during the 2010-11 school year, are members of different student organizations, and rarely share the same personal schedules.

"There may be days in which we don't see each other. So, we have had the opportunity to create our own lives and spaces, despite attending the same college," says Katherine. "We cherish those rare times when we do get together. That's our quality 'family time.'"

Christina adds, "Last year was a learning experience about what is important to me: family. Also, I have learned to take care of myself and be proud of my work no matter the grade. I have grown as a person and had the opportunity to have my family here to enjoy the experience."

Matt warmly accepted his sisters to Rose-Hulman despite originally encouraging them to attend different colleges. It's a coincidence that they all chose Rose-Hulman. In big brother fashion he stated, "I wanted them to be happy. I don't see them much on campus. I have my own life, friends, and responsibilities. However, it's nice knowing that they're here."

Also welcoming the arrangement has been the siblings' parents, Sue Wiethoff of Seymour, Ind., and Anthony Moravec of Columbus, Ind. This allows them to visit four of their children in one trip.

"We have always been close," says Patricia. "We know that the time is coming for us to go our separate ways. So, we're cherishing all the time we have now." ■