You Are Our Mission!

We are here to help you succeed as an employee of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. We offer learning and development opportunities and resources, structured training programs, consulting services and new employee orientation sessions.  To get started, click the RosePOD link in the gray box to the right.

Shortburst Training

SDI 2016

SDI 2016

Supervisors actively engage in a three-day leadership workshop hosted by RosePOD

Administrative Professionals Retreat

Administrative Professionals Retreat

Teambuilding was just one of the many hands-on workshops in this one-day retreat.



Employees take advantage of opportunities to learn more about campus resources that impact them.


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"If you think you are too
 small to make a difference,
 try sleeping with a mosquito.

                - Dalai Lama


Upcoming Events 

Key Training - October
Join RosePOD with Mike Gioia as we explore Security Awareness and its professional AND personal impact on YOU!  Just search "key training" in RosePOD to sign up NOW!

If you plan on doing any traveling for Rose-Hulman this year, this is an event that you should definitely attend.  Search "employee connect" in RosePOD to learn more.



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