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Branam Innovation Center houses Rose-Hulman
competition teams under one roof,
collaboration and idea exchange 

As 'innovation' becomes a new organizational competency, organizations of all types are challenged to be more innovative to survive and prosper. At Rose-Hulman, faculty and staff have been studying the process in-action for over a decade. Reflecting on ten years of "innovation stage" projects completed at Rose-Hulman Ventures, where students perform development and commercialization project work in collaboration with industry, eight secrets or themes of innovation have been captured. They are applicable at all levels, from the individual to the organization.

  • Anyone Can Play (Innovation is the invitation to dream)
  • It's a Team Sport (Solo is usually not innovative)
  • Speed Wins (Think, Build, Learn - Quickly)
  • Scopes Creep (It can be a good thing)
  • Walnuts Before Peanuts (Crack the tough nuts first)
  • Communication is Key (People before documentation)
  • Write it Down (Capture ideas whenever they come)
  • Lead from the Side (Like the leader of a jazz band)



The mission of the Office of Innovation and Engagement is to provide a focal point for innovation projects and experiences and to provide a point of connection into academic affairs for alumni, community partners, and external engagement.  Our work is collaborative, involving ideas, experiences, partnerships, projects, and continuing education.

William Kline, Ph.D.

Bill Kline is Associate Dean of Innovation and Professor of Engineering Management at Rose-Hulman. He co-founded the company Montronix and acted as its Chief Operating Officer before coming to Rose-Hulman. Prior to his role as Dean of Innovation, Dr. Kline served as Associate Dean and Director of Rose-Hulman Ventures, a program that gives students experience with hands-on product development. Read more about Dr. Kline.

RH ventures  

Rose-Hulman Ventures

"If you can dream it, we can build it."

Innovation Blog  

Innovation Blog

Innovation processes have "jumps, loops, roadblocks, and pivots." - Dr. Kline

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Innovation Canvas

What if there were a tool that allowed disparate experts to come together in one place...?