Rose-Hulman Special Collections and Archives


The mission of the Rose-Hulman Archives and Special Collections is to identify, acquire, and to preserve primary and secondary resources of enduring historic value of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and to make them available to interested researchers.

Collection Policy

The institute Archives and Special Collections collects records, publications, artifacts, and personal collections of enduring, permanent and historical value.  Items in the archives can be transferred directly from the institute or donated by individual donors in any usable analog or digital format.

The primary focus for collecting include items that document:

  • Administrative history
  • Educational/curricula history
  • Special Events
  • Student life

Items may include, but not limited to:

  • Visual materials such as photogrpahs, video and audio.
  • Manuscripts / personal collections
  • Artifacts / memorobilia
  • Publications
  • Records


Selection decisions the archivist will take into account include the following:

  • The perceived importance for the research needs of future historians of Rose-Hulman?
  • Does an item/collection fulfill a current research need of researchers?  Researchers could be internal or external entities. 
  • How would an item/collection support historical/cultural awareness of Rose-Hulman?
  • Are their space limitations that may make it difficult to accept a donation?
  • What is the condition of the collection?  Is there signs of mold or insect infestation which be may damaging to the rest of the archive collections?  Is the material fragile to the point where we are unable to properly care for it?