Welcome to the Learning Center


learning The mission of the Learning Center is to enhance academic performance, promote independent learning and encourage ongoing study. Department faculty provide input on  programs to ensure our center  reflects the needs, philosophies and methodologies of each department.

The Learning Center  averages more than 14,000 visits  each year with a staff of more  than  40 peer tutors. The Learning Center  also offers individual and small group tutoring, final exam  review sessions, study areas, course  files, and more for freshmen and upperclassmen. All services are free.

Our tutors and staff help when your words are garbled, your equations don't compute or your data are puzzling.

  • Individual & small group tutoring
  • Student exam proctoring
  • Workshops & review sessions
  • Quiet study areas
  • Resources & materials

Trio1 Percopo Hall

This is a residence hall for sophomores featuring live-in peer tutors, scheduled study sessions, and numerous group study areas.

Trio2Want to become a tutor?

The Learning Center tutoring programs offer an excellent opportunity for students to help their peers while also earning some extra money.

Trio3Tutoring Hours

Tutors are available with no appointment during the following hours:

M-F: 9am - 4:15pm
Su-Th: 7pm - 10pm