Student Recognized Clubs

(Sport, Non-Sport, Academic Clubs) 


Sport and non-sport clubs are open to current Rose-Hulman students only. As a courtesy, faculty/staff are permitted to participate in intramural activities only, when such is a mutual agreement/consent between the student group and the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports.   

Adding New Club

Persons interested in starting a new club or intramural sport must contact the Assistant Dean for Student Services, or the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports. If a club is not recognized, they are not seen as a Rose-Hulman approved group/activity and not protected by Rose-Hulman or covered under any Rose-Hulman insurance policies. (Greek Life groups/organizations are not considered to be Rose-Hulman student recognized clubs.)    

Advisors Role

All clubs, including intramural sports, departmental clubs, and approved student organizations, must have an advisor. The Advisor must be in attendance at all off campus events in excess of 100 miles from campus, or when such activities require an overnight stay, regardless of distance. When overnight accommodations are required, an employee traveling with the club/group is not permitted to share a room with a student/s. If the club/activity is deemed to be high risk, an advisor must be present for the duration of the event regardless of distance. Advisors can only be current Rose-Hulman employees. 

Volunteer Agreement

A Volunteer Agreement is required to be completed when circumstances may require a temporary advisor to travel with the club and the individual is not a Rose-Hulman faculty member. Volunteers can only be current Rose-Hulman employees, retirees are not employees.

Authorization to Travel

All club travel, including departmental clubs, are required to complete a Student Travel Packet. These forms should be completed and returned to either the Assistant Dean of Student Services or the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports, a minimum five (5) working days prior to departure.     

All travel will be approved on an individual basis in order to determine the liability possibilities and risks to the institute.

Club Travel Abroad

Any club travel abroad must follow the Rose-Hulman International Travel Abroad policy. The club advisor will be responsible for submitting the required paperwork; such notification starts Step One of the approval process. A Rose-Hulman employee/advisor must be present for the duration of the event/activity.  Please plan ahead, the approval process can take time! In the event any trip should be cancelled, costs related to and/ or incurred due to the trip are the responsibility of the traveler. Rose-Hulman will not reimburse any expenses.  It is recommended that travelers consider the purchasing of travel insurance, which would cover such cancellation expenses and fees associated with, in most circumstances.           


If a student sustains an injury during an approved club activity, the student should report such to the Assistant Director of Recreational Sports or the Assistant Dean for Student Services.   

Rose-Hulman does not assume any liability or responsibility for any death, injury, or hardship the student may face due to participation in a club, intramural sport, activity or organization since participation in these activities is not a requirement of the school but an interest of the student.