Student Accident/Sickness FAQ’s

  • If I am a domestic student with insurance in place, what do I need to show as proof of insurance: You need to provide the carriers name, policy number or group ID and the primary insured’s name. Proof of Insurance is not verified and the waiver information entered is not retained by Rose-Hulman.

  • What Identification number do I use when I waive the insurance: Enter the Student ID number to waive coverage and not a Parent ID number. The student ID number is nine digits and begins with an “8”. The student identification number is also found on the Student Invoice.

  • Can I waive insurance through Parent Web: Insurance cannot be waived through a Parent Web account; follow the waiver instructions as outlined under “How to Waive Student Insurance.”

  • The brochure did not answer my questions, who may I contact: If you have specific coverage questions, you may contact Wells Fargo directly at 800-228-6768 and speak with Lana Fletcher or Grant Hiner.

  • I submitted my insurance waiver after the quarter deadline, can the waiver be applied to the prior quarter: No, insurance can only be waived at the start of any quarter and cannot be backdated. Any waivers received after the start of a quarter will apply to the remaining quarters only.

  • I processed an insurance waiver last year, why am I doing it again: Insurance waivers do not carry over from a prior school year; a new waiver is required each school year.

  • If I am a domestic student and waive the Rose-Hulman Insurance, can I visit the Student Health Center: Yes, you are not required to have the Rose-Hulman Student Insurance to use the Health Center.

  • I am an international student and I purchased insurance before coming to Rose-Hulman, can I waive the insurance Rose-Hulman provides? No, all international students registered for classes and/or attending Rose-Hulman through a special program or activity, are required to retain the insurance Rose-Hulman provides.
  • I am traveling abroad; will the Rose-Hulman Student/Sickness insurance provide coverage outside of the United States? No, the Rose-Hulman insurance only provides coverage for treatment obtained while in the United States.