Athletic Insurance

Athletic injury insurance is available for students that participate in an intercollegiate sport.
The athletic intercollegiate policy affords excess insurance coverage that will pay eligible expenses after any other collectible insurance has been exhausted. The bills incurred by the student athlete must first be submitted to the family’s insurance policy for reimbursement.

Intercollegiate Sport Insurance

All claims made through the intercollegiate policy must be filed by a Rose-Hulman athletic trainer, signed by both the student and the Trainer, and then submitted to the manager of Insurance and Risk Management. The intercollegiate policy has a $500.00 deductible per injury, which must be paid by the family, or the family’s insurance. The Rose-Hulman Student Accident and Illness policy will afford excess coverage up to the $500.00 deductible of the intercollegiate policy if the student retained that coverage.

Intercollegiate Travel Abroad

Any intercollegiate travel abroad must go through the Rose-Hulman International Travel Process for preapproval by the President. Such trips should also be coordinated with the manager of Insurance and Risk Management at least 90 days prior to the event so that adequate insurance coverage can be attained. Such trips are overseen by the Athletic Department or the coach of the sport coordinating the travel. Students traveling abroad for an intercollegiate trip/event will be required to purchase foreign medical insurance which will cover them for medical treatment when outside of the United States. This coverage is mandatory and is purchased through the Office of Global Programs at Rose-Hulman. Trip information and mandatory fees will be discussed with the student participants/travelers by the coach coordinating the trip/activity. In the event any trip should be cancelled, costs related to and/ or incurred due to the trip are the responsibility of the traveler. Rose-Hulman will not reimburse any expenses. It is recommended that travelers consider the purchasing of travel insurance, which would cover such cancellation expenses and fees associated with, in most circumstances. 

Intercollegiate Coverage

Intercollegiate Athletic Insurance
Benefit Description

$0-$500- Each student athlete is responsible for the first $500.00 of medical expense incurred due to an athletic injury. The first $500.00 of expense should be covered either through parental insurance or the Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan offered through Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

$500-$90,000- Rose-Hulman has purchased an Intercollegiate Athletic Insurance Policy which is considered excess to any other coverage available to the student athlete. Bills incurred by the student athlete must be submitted to his/her family's primary insurance policy first. If there are any remaining balances after the primary insurance has paid, the remaining expenses may be submitted to Commercial Travelers/Special Risk Claims Benefit Administrators for payment consideration.

To file claims please see the section titled Claims Procedures below.

Please Note: Proof of injury must be reported to the claims administrator within 180 days from the date of injury. The policy will consider eligible expenses for up to 104 weeks from the date of injury.  

$90,000- Claims exceeding $90,000 are considered catastrophic and may be filed with the NCAA's Catastrophic Injury Insurance Program. Rose-Hulman Institute, through its membership in the NCAA, has extended medical benefits to their athletes in the unfortunate event of a catastrophic injury.

It is important that prompt filing and notification be given to the Program administrator. You can find additional information on the NCAA coverage by viewing their web site. 

The Catastrophic Injury Insurance Policy provides the following additional benefits:

  • Medical, Dental, and Rehabilitation Expense Benefits
  • Home Health Care and Custodial Care Expense Benefits
  • Disability Benefits
  • Total Disability Benefits
  • Partial Disability Benefits
  • Adjustment Expense Benefits
  • Special Expense Benefits
  • Ancillary Illness or Injury Benefit
  • College Education Benefit
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Benefit
  • Assimilation Benefit
  • Death Benefit

This coverage summary explains the general purpose of the insurance described but in no way changes or affects the insurance afforded under any such policy as actually issued. All coverage will be subject to actual policy conditions, provisions and exclusions.

Intercollegiate Claim Procedures

All medical bills incurred by your son or daughter, as the result of any injury while participating in intercollegiate sports, should be sent directly to your home address. Please follow the following procedures:

A. Submit all bills to your primary insurance plan; most notably would be your parental
insurance plan. Keep a copy of the original bills, as you will need them to file any
outstanding balance with Special Risk Claims Benefits Administrators. Your primary
insurance plan will do one of the following.

  1. Pay all or a portion of the medical expenses incurred,
  2. Deny the claim and send a letter of denial. It is possible the athlete is no longer covered under his/her parent plan or if covered under his/her parent plan, the provider of service is not in the HMO/PPO network.

B. If the primary insurance plan denies the claim or leaves a remaining balance, the balance left owing can be submitted to Commercial Travelers for consideration of payment. The Benefits Administrator at Commercial Travelers will need the following;    

  1. Completed claim form (obtain from the Trainer)
  2. Copies of the original itemized bills from the provider of service.
  3. Copy of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your primary insurance plan showing how much they paid and the remaining charges.

If the information is submitted to the manager of Insurance and Risk Management, she will file the initial claim report as well as the additional items required for payment consideration with Commercial Travelers for you.

If the Benefit Administrator needs any additional information, they will send the student/parent an Explanation of Benefits statement requesting the needed information.

In order to expedite the claim and payment process, please cooperate with the Benefit Administrator and provide requested information/documentation as soon as possible. Any charges/fees not paid by Commercial Travelers are the responsibility of the family. If any questions about the claim or payment of, you may contact the Benefits Administrator for Commercial Travelers at 800-756-3702