Rose-Hulman is committed to providing a safe environment for faculty, staff, students and guests. Failure to stay focused on safety could cause harm to you as well as others. Please make safety a priority!  Violation of safety could result in disciplinary actions as determined appropriate by the institute.               

Building Safety

The focus of this function is the prevention of injuries and illnesses to faculty, staff, employees and students of Rose-Hulman, as well as compliance with federal, state, and local regulations and laws governing the activities of the Institution. EH& S coordinates with other departments and functions on campus to minimize loss of resources including property, and personnel.

Firearms and Other Dangerous Instruments

The Board of Trustees is required to protect the academic community from unlawful conduct or conduct which presents a serious threat to person(s) or property. Therefore the transfer, use, or possession of explosives, fireworks, firearms, dangerous chemicals, or any lethal weapon on Institute property under any circumstances except as part of an Institute “authorized” activity, instructional session, event or duty is prohibited. This includes possession or storage of such items in personal vehicles, offices, briefcases, filing cabinets or any other storage location.

Open Flames

Candles, incense and any other item/s with open flames is prohibited in buildings on campus. This includes dorms, academic and administrative buildings/offices. This does not apply to catering services provided by Aramark.     

Safety within Residence Halls

Lofts and decks are permitted with the following guidelines. Decks 3’ off the ground. Lofts 3’ from ceiling (New Hall / Apt. Hall 6’ maximum height for lofts).  All lofts and decks must have two exits with nothing obstructing either exit (couches, heavy carpet, etc.) All lofts and decks must be approved by the Resident Assistant.  

Halogen lamps, and open heating elements are not permitted on campus.

Closed heating elements with a thermostatic control will be permitted on campus (e.g. electric blankets, coffee pots, hot pots, and popcorn poppers.)  

Tube lighting must not be connected to or touching ceiling tiles, or any flammable item/product.

Cooking items such as George Forman grills, electric skillets, hot plates, toasters and toaster ovens are not permitted within the dorm room but can be utilized within designated cooking areas.

Students are responsible for any damage they may cause to Rose-Hulman property in the event of student negligence. (Damage such as smoke, fire, water damage and etc...)

RA’s will enforce these guidelines and be required to go through annual training each year.

Injury Report for Non-Employees

An Injury Report should be completed on any student or individual that is not an employee and injured in a lab.  The completed form should be emailed to EH&S, Insurance and Risk Management, and Public Safety. 


If an employee has any questions or concerns involving the ergonomic correctness of their workstation, they should contact the Manager of EH&S and request an ergonomic inspection of their work area or workstation.

Environmental Health and Safety

The Environmental Health and Safety department is to provide environmental, health and safety services to the campus community through technical and regulatory compliance assistance, information and training programs, consulting services and periodic auditing of environmental, health and safety practices. Please contact Jake Campbell for further information.