Liability and Property Coverage

Use of Facilities - (Others using Rose-Hulman facilities regardless of a fee)

Policy and Procedures

Any individual, group, organization or business using any of Rose-Hulman's facilities or grounds are required to complete a Use of Facilities Agreement (UOF). This agreement requires that the individual, group, organization or business provide Rose-Hulman with a Certificate of Insurance (COI), listing Rose-Hulman as an additional insured for the duration of the event.

A Certificate of Insurance is required of anyone using Rose-Hulman facilities or grounds whether a fee is charged or not. This COI requires that Rose-Hulman be listed as an additional insured. This certificate of insurance is proof that insurance coverage is in effect for the specific event or function.

If a user is contracting services to a third party provider, the third party most show proof of a Certificate of Insurance as well with Rose-Hulman listed as an additional insured.

Tenant User Liability Policy (TULIP)

Sometimes a user/renter may not have general liability insurance or be able to provide the required insurance coverage.  When that happens, the user/renter can obtain coverage which meets our requirements by going to sites such as URMIA TULIP or Marsh Campus and receive a Rose-Hulman reduced rate. Select Rose-Hulman Institute from the drop down of schools and the sites will prompt you through the order process. If the user/renter experiences any difficulties within those sites, they should contact the providers directly for assistance. Once the coverage is obtained and paid for, the User/Renter will be provided with an electronic Certificate of Insurance from the selected provider of coverage.  

*Many non-commercial policies, such as homeowners’ and tenant policies, will not list others as an Additional Insured under such policies and will not provide Third Party Property Damage as required when using Rose-Hulman facilities.

In those situations, the user/renter needs to acquire the special Tenant User Liability Policy (TULIP) which can be obtained through the link/s noted above. If the user chooses to purchase the TULIP coverage through other sources, the user/renter must inform the selected carrier/agent of the required General Liability limit as noted within the UOF Agreement, include Third Party Property damage coverage, and list Rose-Hulman as an Additional insured.

A COI which fails to meet these requirements will not be accepted and the facility cannot be used by the user/renter until such requirements are met. If any questions, contact the manager of Insurance and Risk Management.  

Third Party Service Providers 

Any business, organization or individual providing a service to Rose-Hulman, with or without a fee, must complete a Service Provider Agreement before they are permitted to perform a service on our campus. Providers could be caterers, vendors, artists/performers, contractors that perform maintenance agreements on equipment and etc…  

Along with a Service Provider Agreement, the business, organization, contractor or individual must provide a current Certificate of Insurance (COI) listing Rose-Hulman as an additional insured. This certificate must show, but not limited to, General Liability, Worker’s Compensation and auto coverage. Additional coverage, such as liquor liability, pollution liability and etc…, may be required depending on the type of service(s) being performed. Failure to obtain a COI to verify appropriate and adequate coverage could create an unnecessary financial burden against the institute due to a lack of insurance coverage from a third party.

A Certificate of Insurance (COI) must be renewed at the end of any policy inception date. A current COI must be on file anytime a Third Party Provider is providing a service. A service provider will not be permitted to perform any services on our campus without a current COI and Service Agreement on file with the manager of Insurance and Risk Management.

For additional information on Certificate of Insurance (COI) and is coverage’s are required to be listed, please contact the manager of Insurance and Risk Management

Blank Certificate of Insurance (COI)-Sample

Assumption of Risk and Release

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has an Assumption of Risk and Release Waiver form to be completed by all participants including Rose-Hulman students, faculty, and staff when participating in an Institute event whether on or off institute-owned property. The institute has a "duty-to-warn" the individual/s of the potential risks they may encounter while participating in such event/s. Once completed, this form should be sent to our Manager of Insurance and Risk Management prior to participation in such event/s. If you should have any questions, please contact the Manager of Insurance and Risk Management (x8457).

Property Coverage


Our property coverage has a $25,000 deductible per claim. This deductible is the responsibility of the department that incurred the loss.

Art Floater - This policy has a $ 2,500 deductible. The policy covers our personal art collections and items on loan to us by artists. Items on loan or added to our collection must be reported to the Art Curator (x8452) and our Manager of Insurance and Risk Management (x8457). The manager of Insurance and Risk Management will need to know the description of the item (s) including size and title, appraised value, artist, location and if the item is owned by the institute or on loan. If the item is on loan, you must provide the dates that insurance coverage is required. If Risk Management is not notified of the item(s) to insure, there is no coverage.

Art Floater Transit Coverage -This policy has a $2,500 deductible with a total in-transit limit of $50,000. This floater is for art work already listed on the temporary or permanent art collection on file with the carrier. Any item/s being transported with a total value more than $50,000 will have to be insured under a specialty/per trip policy.

In order for coverage to be afforded under this coverage, the Manager of Insurance and Risk Management must be provided with an written itemized list which includes the description of the item/s being transported, insurable value per item, date/s of transportation, and destination. If the value of the item/s in transit exceeds $50,000, a specialty policy can be acquired at an additional expense.

Contractor's Equipment Floater - This policy has a $ 2,500 deductible and provides additional insurance coverage for equipment and tools that are used 1,000 feet from the primary storage location. This would cover landscaping equipment, motorized carts, weed eaters and etc. In order to have coverage under this policy, the item must be specifically listed in the policy.

Claims Procedures or reporting damage or theft to Rose-Hulman property
The Following procedures should be followed when reporting damage or theft to Rose-Hulman property:

  1. File a report with Rose-Hulman Office of Public Safety (x8590).
  2. If the claim is due to a theft, you must also file a report with the Terre Haute City Police Department (238-1661) or the police department within the city of the occurrence. Please provide this police report number to Rose-Hulman Office of Public Safety (x8590).
  3. Contact the manager of Insurance and Risk Management provide the date and time of the occurrence along with a copy of the police report.
  4. Provide the Manager of Insurance and Risk Management with an itemized list of the item(s) that were damaged or stolen, supporting documentation of ownership and cost of item(s) at time of original purchase.
  5. Provide the Manager of Insurance and Risk Management with an itemized replacement cost estimate per item. This is necessary in order to replace the damaged or stolen item(s).

Claim Procedures for Theft of Electronic Devices

  1. Contact the Office of Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) and report the theft Immediately
  2. File a report with Rose-Hulman Public Safety and the Terre Haute Police department (If the theft occurred in Terre Haute and/or on Rose-Hulman campus). If the theft occurred in another city, file a report with the police department in the city of the occurrence and notify Rose-Hulmna Office of Public Safety (x8590).
  3. Provide Rose-Hulman Office of Public Safety with the police report number.
  4. Provide Risk Management with the date and time of the occurrence, item(s) stolen, estimated cost to replace said item(s). Also provide Risk Management with a copy of the police report or the police report number along with the name, address and contact number of the police department in which the report was filed.
  5. If the claim is determined to be over the Rose-Hulman Institute deductible ($25,000), Risk Management will request an itemized list of the item(s) stolen, replacement cost per item, along with supporting documentation of ownership.

Safety Tips

  1. NEVER check your laptop as luggage or place within your checked luggage when flying. Keep your laptop with you at all times. 
  2. If you are traveling and must check your laptop, you should
  3. Check your laptop only if it does not contain any confidential data.
  4. If cost effective, consider purchasing insurance coverage directly through the airline(s) in which you are traveling. Cost and requirements will vary per airline.

Insuring the item can be costly and will not eliminate a theft but will provide some means of reimbursement of the stolen item(s).

  1. Do not leave your laptop in your vehicle or car trunk.
  2. Do not leave your laptop sitting out in your hotel room if you are not there.
  3. When possible, refrain from storing confidential data on your laptop. If you must store data, make sure it is protected in the event of a theft. Remove all confidential data when such data is determined to no longer be necessary in order to perform the functions of your job or activity.
  4. Protect your laptop and electronic devices as you would any other valuable item or piece of equipment.

Special Events / Camps and Programs


Reporting of Special Event/Camp or Program

If you (a Rose-Hulman employee or department) are sponsoring a summer camp/program, you must contact the manager of Insurance and Risk Management at least 90 days prior to the start of the camp/program. Risk Management will determine, based on the type of camp, what insurance requirements must be met prior to the start of camp. 

Requirements/Additional Premiums

Many summer camps/programs require the purchase of additional insurance coverage in order to protect our employees and participants. The additional insurance premium (when applicable) will be the responsibility of the individual camp/program.

Background Check

Current background checks will be required on all volunteers and employees when such programs involve minors, this includes Rose-Hulman students serving as camp counselors, RA's and etc. The fees for such are the responsibility of the camp/program. Background forms and additional information can be obtained by contacting the director of Human Resources.

Insurance Release

A insurance release form will be required of all participants. If the participant does not complete the necessary release/s, the individual cannot participate in the camp/program. All participants must have personal health insurance in place that is accepted within the United States and meets the requirements of the Affordable Care Act.  International participants can acquire US acceptable short term insurance coverage through online carriers such as HTH Worldwide, CMI Insurance, SevenCorners and etc.


When a camp/program provides or requires transportation for participants; rental vehicles must be used if the operator/driver may be someone other than a full time faculty/staff employee. Camp advisors/counselors, temporary employment, student workers and etc… are not full time employees when serving in this capacity and would not be permitted to transport students in Rose-Hulman vehicles or personal vehicles; such individuals may be permitted to use rental vehicles for such transportation needs, when listed as an Rose-Hulman Approved Operator.

Mileage reimbursement can only be given to a full time employee, as classified above, when a personal vehicle is used to transport others for camp/program related activities or required activities.  Employees that own vehicles which are excluded from Rose-Hulman’s Institute auto policy should not use such vehicles to transport students/participants for camp/program related functions/activities. 

Students (i.e. student workers, camp counselors, participants and etc…) are not permitted under any circumstances to use personal vehicles to transport others for program/camp related or required activities.     

When rental vehicles are used for such activities, the driver must be on the Rose-Hulman Approved Operator list and the property damage insurance MUST be purchased through the rental agency. Vans ranging in size from 11 through 15 passengers, large trucks, RV’s, Box trucks, motorcycles or vehicles requiring a special license or CDL/Medical cannot be used.  Copies of all documents/agreements must be provided to the Office of Insurance and Risk Management as soon as possible, but no later than the date of rental delivery or pick up.  

For additional information/clarification, contact the Office of Insurance and Risk Management.

Alcohol Policy


Rose-Hulman Institute complies with all state and local laws concerning the consumption of alcohol as well as adhering to the guidelines established by the Institute. The provision of and service of alcoholic beverages must be completely catered by an established firm which is currently licensed by the State of Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commission.  Neither the Institute staff nor the customer will be permitted to provide beverages, serve them, or in any way handle the service.  All persons engaged in the service must be agents of the licensed caterer. 

No alcoholic beverages may be served for any function where it is reasonable to expect consumption by students or persons under the age of twenty-one years. The promotion of alcoholic beverages is not permitted in the advertisement of events.

The caterer providing the service, on or off campus, must be approved by the Manager of Insurance and Risk Management and must agree to the following:

  • The vendor must provide evidence of being properly licensed by the appropriate local and state authority.
  • The vendor must provide evidence of being property insured with a minimum liquor liability coverage of three million ($3,000,000) [e.g., one million dollars from primary coverage with two million (2,000,000) from an umbrella].
  • The evidence, a certificate of insurance, must show Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology named as an Additional Insured and must also show proof of Worker’s Compensation coverage. Proof of such coverage must be provided to the Manager of Insurance and Risk Management five working days prior to the event/activity.
    • If the caterer is Aramark, at Rose-Hulman, the requirement to obtain a Certificate of Insurance is waived.
  • The selling of alcohol will be conducted only by the vendor and will only be cash sales only.
  • The vendor will not serve minors or serve an individual that appears to be intoxicated.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at any student related functions/activities, on or off campus.

See the Office of Student Affairs for Rose-Hulman's complete Drug and Alcohol policy.