Ten Reasons to Get a PassportDaytrip Castle

  1. A passport allows for travel to different countries. This includes Mexico, Canada, Caribbean and Bermuda (even driving to Alaska).
  2. A passport acts as a form of ID within the United States.
  3. Getting a passport now saves money. Rushing a passport application adds a $60 fee.
  4. A passport is valid for 10 years.
  5. A passport helps when moving within the U.S. It acts as identification when acquiring a new license in a different state, signing an apartment lease, or applying for a new job.
  6. Having a passport means there is no need for a visa for travel in more than 100 countries and the European Union.
  7. A passport acts as a birth certificate.
  8. A passport behaves as primary form of identification when traveling. Most places require identification when checking in.
  9. A passport allows a person to leave a cruise ship during port stops, no matter the location
  10. A passport allows for more opportunities. It can be used for full-time job, internship, or study abroad.

Steps to obtaining a passport

    1. You must have an official birth certificate.
    2. If your birth certificate is lost or needs replaced, write the state in which you were born for a replacement. Costs range from $5-$30.
  • Proof of identity.

         1. Show a driver licenses, military ID, or government ID.

  Photocopy of identification.

    1. Photocopy the front and back of your primary identification and birth certificate.
    2. Each photocopy can contain the image of only one side (printed on one side).
    3. Paper must be standard white paper, 8 ½X 11 inches.
  • Passport photo.
    1. Image must be 2x2 inches.
    2. Picture must be taken within six months.
    3. Picture must be in color.
    4. Image must show the whole face, and have no shadows.
    5. Sign up for a photograph on campus.

* Pay fee

1. First time passport has an application fee of $140 and an execution fee of $25.
2. Fee can be paid here

*Apply in person

1. Bring everything in step 1-6 and go to interview.

The closest facility to Rose-Hulman is the Terre Haute Post Office, about eight miles away.