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Leaders in industry are increasingly seeking new hires who are adaptable, leaders, problem-solvers, tolerant, and independent thinkers. All of these skills are an integral part of the learning experience during a study abroad program. Students who spend time abroad on a program of study not only earn credit toward their degrees but will also gain skills that will put them ahead of their peers in the job market. Rose-Hulman has developed multiple study abroad options for students. We have programs with long-standing partners, such as colleges in Germany and Japan, as well as new partners in Sweden, South Korea, and China. Rose-Hulman students are able to learn from and share with their peers in other countries. 

The Office of Global Programs is here to enlarge the number and enhance the nature of global opportunities at Rose-Hulman, and to ensure that our students’ global experiences will help them make better choices, land better jobs, and lead better lives.

Prospective Global Students  

Prospective International Students

Rose-Hulman welcomes students from around the world. Visit our admissions site for application details.

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Current International Students

Our International Student Services answers questions for international students and helps them feel at home.

Global Experiences  

Global Experiences

The Office of Global Programs helps our students find rewarding collaborative, research and travel experiences abroad.