Certificate of Insurance Requirements:

It is required that you have a current Certificate of Insurance and a completed “Service Agreement” on file with RHIT before you may provide any services to our Institute.  Please have your insurance agent or carrier submit a Certificate of Insurance as outlined in the requirements listed below.  An original certificate must be mailed to the following address prior to arrival on campus.  

Vendors will not be permitted to perform work on campus until the Certificate of Insurance and the Service Agreement are received and determined to be adequate.

  • Vendor must furnish evidence of insurance within fourteen (14) days prior to providing a service.
  • Certificate must be submitted on an Acord form or an Acord comparable form.
  • Vendor’s Certificate of Insurance – General Liability Policy will list Rose-Hulman as a Certificate Holder and as an Additional Insured
  • In the remarks area of the certificate, please list the services that your firm is providing and the location of the service performed (i.e. RHIT Campus, New Residence Hall).
  • Coverage requirements:  General Liability -minimum coverage of 1 million, Worker’s Compensation Coverage, Auto Coverage and any additional excess liability policies in place or required for the specific job.

Rose-Hulman does not represent that the insurance coverage specified herein, whether in scope of coverage or amounts of coverage, are adequate to protect the obligation of the vendor.  The Vendor shall be solely responsible for any deficiencies hereof.  Nothing shall be deemed to limit Vendor’s liability under RHIT standard requirements.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Susan Butts, Risk Manager, at 812-877-8457.

Service Provider Agreement