One of the main events sponsored by RISE, is the Startup! Seminar. Like many seminars, it features inspirational speakers, but unlike many, it offers hands-on group work and problem-solving, all with constructive input from the entrepreneurial experts themselves.

RISE Club Mission:

The mission of RISE is to raise awareness of innovation through entrepreneurship and empower students to make their ideas a reality by giving them the tools to start, refine, & realize the visions that will shape tomorrow!

Rose Startup! Mission:

"Innovation is one of the driving forces shaping our economy today. No matter who you are, some of these changes are going to be an integral part of your life in some manner. Rather than passively watch as others reap the benefits of these changes, we here at RISE believe that everyone should be a active participant in the middle of this continual revolution. To realize this goal, we're extending an invitation to students, alumni, &individuals from other universities to Rose Startup!. Regardless of your experience or creativity, this event can empower you to make your ideas a reality!" - Bryce Filho, CEO of RISE

Contact Information

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