All groups are free and confidential.

For many emotional and relationship issues that college students face, group counseling is the best treatment choice. It provides students with the unique opportunity of utilizing peer interaction to work toward improving themselves. Although many students are initially hesitant to join a group, participants consistently find group counseling to be a very beneficial and positive experience. Types of groups offered include stress and time management, relationships, homesickness, shyness, depression, anxiety, and grief.

New groups form each quarter and are typically limited to 10 members. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact the SCC to schedule an initial consultation with a counselor at 812-877-8537 to discuss your needs. Groups meet on a weekly basis and run for the length of the quarter, with some groups continuing beyond the quarter.

If you have any questions about our groups, please contact the SCC at 812-877-8537.

Please see below for a list of available groups.

Personal Exploration Wednesday 4:20 - 5:50 p.m. Open
Relationships 101 TBD Open
Mindfulness for Engineers TBD Open