How to get the advantages of a Rose-Hulman intern or co-op student

Over the years, countless companies have learned the benefits of hiring a Rose-Hulman intern or co-op student. The students bring a willingness to learn as well as a strong classroom background to your company. They can solve real problems for you that an already overworked staff may not have time for. Students also bring a new perspective that can shed new light on the way you do business.

What's the difference between an internship and co-op experience? An internship happens for our students during the summer when we don't offer classes. For a co-op experience, on the other hand, a student actually takes time away from classes to gain work experience. Rose-Hulman does not require either of our students, but we do strongly encourage them to gain these relevant work experiences. You may post openings for internships and co-op experiences in our CareerLink system or contact us for more information.

Two special internships for Indiana companies

indiana Rose-Hulman has grants for two special internship programs. Small- to medium-sized entrepreneurial companies may qualify for the Entrepreneurial Internship Program

Offer an extended work experience for a co-op student

Have a project that will take longer than a summer to complete? Consider hiring a Rose-Hulman student for a school year through our Co-op Program.