Ways to search for a job

There are many techniques to use as you search for employment opportunities. Following are some advantageous methods to consider.

Targeted mail and telephone campaigns
This method of job searching and networking is often the most effective technique. With this technique you will identify employers who are of interest to you and make direct contact by phone, mail or e-mail. This method can be time-consuming but extremely effective.

  • Make a target list of potential companies. We can help you find those companies in the Career Services Office. You might start with a list of 40-50 companies.
  • Send a resume and cover letter to a manageable number of employers on your list - maybe five a week.
  • Follow up by phone a couple of weeks later.
  • Keep track of your contacts with each employer.

Networking with personal contacts and Rose-Hulman alumni
You might already have connections with people in your chosen field. If not, there's certainly an alum or two who is working in the type of job you're after. Developing good networking skills is extremely helpful. Jump over to our networking page for details on how to go about it.

On-campus interviews
While many companies do request on-campus interviews, you should not rely solely on these opportunities. There just aren't enough companies visiting college campuses to provide opportunities for all interested students. Are we saying you shouldn't use on-campus recruiting? No! Just start early and be sure you use other techniques at the same time.

Answering recruitment ads
You can find employment opportunities on our eRecruiting site, in newspapers and professional journals, and on many employment sites. You should follow the employers' specific requests on how to respond to an ad. Most likely it will involve a cover letter and resume, but be sure to respond in the manner requested so you make a good first impression.