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Six of "America's Best 300 Professors" teach at Rose-Hulman. From left to right:Vice President of Academic Affairs Phillip Cornwell, PhD; Elton Graves, PhD, mathematics; Yosi Shibberu, PhD, mathematics; Diane Evans, PhD, mathematics; Dean of Faculty Richard Stamper, PhD; William Weiner, PhD, Applied Biology and Biomedical Engineering.


The Academic Affairs Office is here to help Rose-Hulman's world-class faculty make an impact upon the world. The Office supports a faculty on the forefront of education delivery and facilitates the mission to develop tomorrow's quality leaders. The result of our work provides students with the world's best undergraduate education in engineering, mathematics and science in an environment of individual attention and support.

Vice President of
Academic Affairs

Anne Houtman
Anne M. Houtman, D.Phil.

Trio1-facultyFaculty achievements

The faculty of Rose-Hulman are challenging, intellectual and caring. We are proud to acknowledge their accomplishments.

Trio2_GuidingPrinciplesGuiding principles

The faculty of Rose-Hulman has developed a set of guiding principles that promote learning, growth, citizenship and more.

Ros Eval ThumbAcademic Workshops

Rose-Hulman hosts many workshops to increase understanding of educational challenges.