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Students’ Projects to be featured at Rose-Hulman’s Undergraduate Math Conference

March 23, 2011


Mathematical models and analysis of algorithms by Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology students will be featured in presentations at the college's Undergraduate Mathematics Conference on Friday and Saturday, March 25-26.  The event is organized by the Department of Mathematics to spotlight the accomplishments and work in undergraduate mathematics.


A total of 26 student talks in four 20-minute sessions will cover challenging academic projects, expository talks on interesting mathematical topics, work done with a faculty member or research completed during a Research Experiences for Undergraduates program.

Tim Ekl will present a model-based look at local weather data in an attempt to identify whether global warming exists on a much smaller, local scale.  He used a linear model and statistical analysis to find the amount of "local warming," if any, exists in and around Terre Haute.

Meanwhile, Andy Milluzzi will showcase his love of everything Lego in a presentation on "Lego: The Intersection of Art and Engineering."  He is a master Lego-builder, using Lego bricks to create large-scale models and robotics projects.

In other talks, Eric Crockett will discuss algebraic solutions to non-linear systems regarding cryptographic algorithms; Sarah Jabon will examine the algorithmic threshold selection for the peak-over-threshold method; and Michael Pridal-LoPiccolo will focus on the security of the algorithm Keccak.

Also, Jack Pringle will introduce the application of projective geometry in secret sharing schemes; Kayla Lutz will discuss how mathematics played a major part in her yeast-based biomedical engineering project; and Jonathon Strauser will talk about using dynamic programming to compare protein structure alignment and classification.
Other presentations will be made by students from Aquinas College, Carmel (Ind.) High School, Greenville College, IUPUI, Illinois Wesleyan University, Kent State University, Miami University-Middletown, Millikin University, Northern Illinois University, Northern Michigan University, Siena Heights University and Trinity University.

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in invited faculty presentations by Bryan Shader of the University of Wyoming, on "Up with Determinants" and "Communication Complexity," and Travis Kowalski of South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, on "Sineseeing: A Sightseeing Voyage with Sine."

Colleges from throughout the Midwest are planning to have students and faculty members attend the conference.

Now in its 28th year, Rose-Hulman's Undergraduate Mathematics Conference is sponsoredby the Mathematical Association of America, through the National Science Foundation. This year's conference has been organized by Rose-Hulman mathematics professors Leanne Holder and Michael DeVasher, with assistance from department secretary Jodi Daugherty and members of the Pi Mu Epsilon mathematics fraternity and Rose-Hulman Math Club.

Details about this year's conference can be found online.