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Rose-Hulman's Outcomes Rank No. 9 on New Analytical College Report Card

April 22, 2014

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Successful Outcomes: Finding well-paying jobs through career services is one of the criteria putting Rose-Hulman near the top of the first Noodle College Report Card. (Photo by Dale Long)

Rose-Hulman ranks No. 9 nationally for producing the best outcomes for its graduates, according to the new Noodle College Report Card. The meta-ratings have aggregate information from a variety of data sources to help students and their families choose the right colleges.

The Outcomes Report Card examined how well Rose-Hulman graduates are doing in the working world. It considers the following areas:

  • Median starting salary of students in their first jobs after college graduation ($65,100, 2013-14 PayScale College Salary Report])
  • Median salary of students 10 years after college graduation ($111,000)
  • Percentage of students who graduate a college within six years  (76.7%)

Besides considering outcomes, the Noodle College Report Card gives students the freedom to compare colleges by considering educational quality, environment, selectivity, and influence.

Noodle, the world’s first and only lifelong education related search-company, points out that Rose-Hulman is "the best undergraduate engineering school in the nation." It adds, “It's a good thing the professors are committed to helping their students, because they really pile on the work in the difficult but rewarding courses.”

See Noodle College’s Rose-Hulman profile.

Interesting features of the Rose-Hulman report are:

  • 92% of full-time students continued studying at the school after freshman year
  • 96% of undergraduate students receive financial aid (loans and grants)
  • 63% of students are out-of-state
  • 60% percent of students live on-campus.

“If you’re just looking at one rating system, you aren’t getting the full story,” says Noodle Chief Executive Officer John Katzman, who started Noodle in 2011 to revolutionize the educational search process by offering great information, data, and advice at no cost. He adds, “College ratings are only useful when you look at them together and consider multiple sources. Noodle makes this possible.”