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Mixing Epoxy; Mounting Shroud

March 31, 2011

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New York Times Blogger, Jim Motavalli

Finally Rideable  

The 2010 team with early stages of champion car
At this point car is ridable. Second
from left, 2011 team captain Andrew Bomar








In 2011, Rose-Hulman proudly hosted the annual competition on home turf at the Indianapolis Speedway.

An  ASME news story looking at 2010's Rose-Hulman success with "Ragnarok," provides an insight into what the team was up to in early April with the 2011 car, Helios.

Below, Team Rose-Hulman is in the early stages creating the capsule or vehicle body for the 2011 competition.


Named Helios, this 2011 Rose-Hulman vehicle competed with teams from around the globe.

Check out the competitors.