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What's Going on Behind Myers?

June 30, 2011

The Student Innovation Center Blog

Innovation Bldg 1  
June 30, 2011  

Construction is well underway behind the John T. Meyers building, just left of the building that houses Facilities. During Homecoming, this patch of dirt and concrete will be a completed structure, housing and exhibiting the school's innovative design teams.

Will it be ready by Saturday September 24?  Check back often for updated images -- and watch the Innovation building grow.  



Innovation Bldg3    Innovation bldg2

July 6, 2011

  Props to the patience of everyone in the nearby facilities building, not only for enduring the typical noise and mayhem of construction, but for "hoofing it" due to the decreased parking space.

Today we learned that the steel has arrived, on schedule, and by next week, according to Facilities director Michael Taylor, "we should have all steel standing." Happily so far, all target dates have been met.

Meanwhile, materials from the RHIT design teams formerly housed in Myers and slated to take up residence in this new building, have been removed from Myers. Be it car or plane, it has taken up temporary residence in trailers.



Innovation Center 3

July 8, 2011  

Just two short days later, and much steel is in place. According to
Michael Taylor, July 22 is the good-weather target date for all the
steel to be up. After that, Taylor says, "The Steel decking will be installed next followed by the interior concrete slab."

There are also plans for a "live cam" on the very busy, multi-tasking construction site.



 Innovation bldg5
July 13, 2011

The ties that support the steel crossmembers are going up this week. And next week, we can expect the concrete pad. "Then you'll see it really start to grow," reports Mike Taylor.

And now there's a full-time cam on the site, compliments of Facilities. Information coming.

ecocar newhome

EcoCar, taking a look at its new home




 Innovation blog3

July 22, 2011 

  Innovation Blog2 

Things are still right on schedule to make this building ready for students come September 1. In the wee hours of the morning on Tuesday, July 26, concrete for the floor will begin pouring into the structure. Weather permitting, half of the necessary concrete
will go in on Tuesday, half on Wednesday. 

  These images show a busy place where all kinds of work are progressing at the same time -- mason work, installation of utilities, in addition to building the structure and preparing for concrete.


SIC Bldg July 27


Just taken today, this picture shows that concrete has been poured. We've been having the right weather for concrete -- though it's awfully steamy for the workers.

Once again, Mike Taylor has informed us that things are going just as planned. The center is slated to be on schedule.

July 27, 2011    


SIC August1  


It's been approaching 100 degrees for days, and heat advisories are a daily occurrence in the news. Yet the workmen have managed to keep progress moving forward. 

In these latest photos, you can see not only walls and windows, but garage doors. In months to come, the cars from the Advanced Transportation Systems teams will emerge, striking out towards challenges and victories. 

August 1, 2011    


SIC25     SIC26
August 15, 2011     Garage Doors are in place
Except for some lighting fixtures, Facilities Manager Michael Taylor reports that everything is on schedule for most of the construction projects going on on campus. And there are many. The new flooring is in Moench and in fact tomorrow there will be a groundbreaking to kick off construction for the new residence hall.      
New SIC bldg  
August 24, about a week before school starts, and the SIC building is
nearly complete, as promised. Here it is with doors, windows and paved


PROJECT COMPLETE; MOVING IN: Latest Photos (September 9, 2011)



The Innovation building has been completed
on schedule, and the advanced transportation
teams have started to move into the building.
Here are a couple of the cars and a peek at the
new building.

Join Michio Kaku at Homecoming as he
cuts the ribbon on the building, September 24, 2011. 



IC- inside


 IC- moving in