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Navy Entrusts Submarine Controls to Alumni Ahaus, Carlson

April 18, 2014

Carlson Sub Pilot

Frederick A. Carlson

Ahaus Profile

Raymond J. Ahaus

     Raymond J. Ahaus and Frederick (Rick) A. Carlson have taken their engineering and leadership skills to budding careers as officers-in-training for nuclear propelled submarines patrolling beneath the seas to protect the United States’ security interests.

     Ahaus, a 2006 mechanical engineering alumnus, is on track to lead a member of the U.S. Navy submarine fleet after successfully passing the naval nuclear propulsion program’s advanced submarine officer course. He has been stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, and Key West, Florida.

     “The military has utilized my engineering, problem solving, and leadership skills. It has always been exciting,” he says. “The submarine is a tight-knit community that’s interdependent on everyone doing their job as trained. I love that environment.”

     Ahaus started his most recent three-year submarine tour of duty in April, 2013.

     Carlson, a 2011 mechanical engineering graduate, is a junior grade lieutenant and engineering officer of the watch for the Navy’s USS Henry M Jackson submarine from the Puget Sound region of Washington. He completed submarine school training last summer after graduating with distinction from the naval nuclear power training command (2012) and prototype training (2013).

     At naval officers’ candidate school, Carlson earned the Levitt Award, presented to the candidate best exemplifying the virtues of a naval officer. He also was one of the four specially chosen “Sword-Bearers,” out of 55 officer candidates.

     Carlson’s current officer’s commitment runs through 2016.