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Entrepreneurship Ignites Alumnus Yaw Aning’s Passion to Make a Difference

April 18, 2014

Aning Profile 1

Yaw Aning 


      Entrepreneurship Ignites Alumnus Yaw Aning’s Passion to Make a Difference

     Like many successful entrepreneurs, Yaw Aning brings new products to the marketplace in an effort to change lives.

     That’s why Aning co-founded Sticksnleaves, a ruby-on-rails web and mobile application development firm that has helped more than 20 new technology ventures—from small startups, like CoatChex, to large enterprises, like Rolls Royce.

     Although educated as a civil engineer [], earning his bachelor’s degree in 2007, Aning’s career is taking a different path.

     His passion for entrepreneurship grew from spending two years as a Robert Orr Entrepreneurial Fellow [], working as a financial analyst for the Indianapolis-based investment bank City Securities. The fellowship program is dedicated to preparing Indiana college graduates to start and run their own businesses.   

     With $180,000 in east coast financing, Aning co-founded his first venture, Pocket Tales, a web-based reading game for kids. Support from prominent publishing company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt helped make the business a success.

     He has never looked back.

     “Entrepreneurs that stick with it, make it,” Aning told students attending Rose-Hulman’s 2013 Startup Conference [].  “Entrepreneurship affords you great freedom, the ability to change the world, and, with the right idea, opportunities to create wealth. Engineers make good entrepreneurs because they’re really good at solving problems and learning from any failures encountered along the way.”