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Braus Takes Different Business Pathway to Finding Success

November 18, 2014

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New Form Entrepreneur: Jennifer (Gordon) Braus, a 2008 alumna, is staking her career in the entrepreneur-through-acquisition concept with her company, Leadership Choice Capital, in Portland, Oregon.

Jennifer (Gordon) Braus hopes to prove that you don’t need to start a business to be a successful entrepreneur. Rather, you can also take an existing small- or medium-sized enterprise to new heights of growth and prosperity.

Entrepreneurship through acquisition is a relatively new business concept, and Braus is believed to be one of the few women pursuing this area that’s filled with less risk, but more satisfaction.

Earlier this year, the 2008 biomedical engineering and mechanical engineering alumna founded Leadership Choice Capital, a search firm backed by private investors in Portland, Oregon, that’s searching to acquire a successful United States business by providing both capital and new management talent.

Braus draws upon her experience as an engineer and passion for general management to make Leadership Choice a great partner for owners looking to transition their business into trustworthy hands.

Ideal business prospects possess $3 million or more in annual revenue, high rate of repeat business, and stable, positive cash flows in industries such as business services, niche manufacturing, or niche distribution.

“We want to partner with the right business that is ready for new, energetic management, and capital necessary for growth,” she says. “I’m looking for a business owner wanting to transition now. Maybe it’s a family owned business without a next generation to take over. I’m committed to do what is right for the business and the owner, and my investors and I are dedicated to invest in the long-term growth of the business. This is a unique path to achieving my career goals as well as providing an ideal exit for an owner.”

Braus began her career as a systems engineer for a high-tech medical device manufacturer, contributing to a variety of early- and late-stage development projects. She also gained invaluable operations experience as a process improvement consultant for product development and manufacturing groups.

She left industry to expand her professional and personal horizons, earning a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard Business School in 2013. That’s where Braus learned about the concept of entrepreneurship through acquisition and met Leadership Choice Capital’s investors. Before beginning her acquisition search, Braus then joined her husband, Dan, in spending a year as a volunteer consultant for an orphanage in rural Honduras.

“I’m now staking my career on the right business acquisition,” Braus states. “I have spent seven months reviewing hundreds of companies, and have become really interested in maybe 15 over the course of the search. Now, it looks like a few might be a really good fit for me. I am always looking for new businesses with motivated sellers, ready to find the right business at the right price and move quickly. I haven’t found the right one yet.”

She continues, “I understand that the selling of a business is a life-changing event. I am dedicated to providing a smooth transition and being a responsible steward of the business an owner has worked a lifetime to build. I have entered a competitive business world where others are looking for the same opportunities. I have to be patient, but ready, and know I will be successful and reach my goals.”