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Birch is Ready for Ride of His Life as Budding Entrepreneur

August 7, 2014

Nick Birch

Nick Birch

Nick Birch has taken a rollercoaster ride as a young entrepreneur in the first two months since earning his mechanical engineering degree.

First, days before graduation, Birch learned that a startup venture he was counting on for his first job had decided to fold.

Birch then put his faith and future in the hands of Scott Jones, a prolific Indianapolis-based entrepreneur and inventor who brought voicemail, robot lawn mowers, and several other technologies to billions of people around the world.

The gamble has paid off, with Birch serving as director of operations for Jones’ latest venture, Eleven Fifty, a sophisticated immersion training program to teach web and app development. The venture was publicly announced on August 5.

“There’s never a dull moment in the startup environment, and that’s why I love it so much,” says Birch, one of three Eleven Fifty co-founders. “There’s a synergy and excitement that’s contagious. You’re playing a big role in a small venture. And, the ideas are really innovative.”

Eleven Fifty is a world-class immersive training program that will give software and web developers the tools necessary to succeed, and helps ensure they can reach their professional goals. Computer-based courses will be offered in beginning and advanced iOS and Android development, Apple’s recently announced Swift programming language, Java, .Net, and soon, JavaScript, HTML5, SQL, Ruby, PHP, and Python.

Birch’s role includes helping ensure the success of the students, instructors, apprentices, and mentors. He also handles public relations and helps enable the company’s growth strategy.

“Generally, I keep things running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year,” he says.

Eleven Fifty’s courses will have two primary scheduling options for students—immersive courses lasting two to seven days designed to attract students from all over the world, and eight-week long evening courses designed for Indianapolis-based students, specifically.

“I’ve always been passionate about changing the world in big ways,” states Jones in a company press release. “Eleven Fifty will help meet the ever-increasing and urgent need for high-performing developers to stay ahead of the warp speed changes in technology in Silicon Valley, New York City’s Silicon Alley, and beyond. I’m excited to help mentor students, especially when they have ‘The Next Big Thing’ clearly in mind. We will be helping some of our students get their ideas off the ground.”

And, Jones is happy to help mentor Birch.

From an early age, Birch wanted to be a successful entrepreneur, building businesses that have big impact on the lives of others. He helped form Rose-Hulman’s student entrepreneurship organization (Rose Innovative Student Entrepreneurs), organized the 2013 Rose Startup Conference, and encouraged students to participate in entrepreneurship events in Terre Haute and Indianapolis. His sleep-deprived team won top honors in a Terre Haute Startup Weekend business development competition.

“I like doing things that excite me to make a difference every day,” Birch says. “I want to have an impact in people’s lives. For me, working in the startup environment is how I can do that.”