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Alumnus Gary Winzenread Named Priority Consult CEO

February 20, 2014

Winzenread Priority Consult

Gary Winzenread

Rose-Hulman electrical engineering alumnus Gary Winzenread has been named chief executive officer of Priority Consult, a workflow solutions provider to spine and oncology centers throughout the United States. He is a healthcare executive with 25 years of leadership experience in high-growth, technology-enabled companies.

A 1986 alumnus, Winzenread’s expertise spans several industries, including healthcare, technology, banking, insurance, finance, and manufacturing. He has achieved a reputation for creative fluency in sales, consulting, operations, and the setting of strategic direction for the promotion, implementation, and enabling of software engineering practices.

Winzenread most recently served as senior vice president and chief operating officer for Streamline Health, now located in Atlanta. He was previously the founder and CEO of Praxis Solutions, which was recognized for two successive years as one of the 25 fastest growing companies by the Indianapolis Business Journal before its acquisition by Arlington, Virginia-based Number Six Software.

A native of Indianapolis, Winzenread now lives in West Chester, Ohio.

Priority Consult provides technologically advanced workflow solutions for the care of spine and oncology patients. The results of these programs are improved patient care by streamlining processes, expedited communications between clinicians and patients, and standardized collection of clinical data. Priority Spine is utilized by 36 spine centers and 46 cancer centers employ Oncology OnTrack.