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Faculty Profile: Sriram Mohan Stays on Leading Edge of Advancing Software Technology

April 18, 2014


Sriram Mohan

     Data processing and analytics becomes harder as the volume and variety of data increases every day. With both academic and real-world experience, Associate Professor of Software Engineering Sriram Mohan, PhD, is helping prepare today's software engineering students to meet the big technological challenges of the future.

     Mohan is spending a sabbatical assignment this academic year as a senior consultant for Texas-based Avalon Consulting's Big Data Solution practice, leading their research and implementation of NoSQL databases and Apache Hadoop, an open-source software framework for storage and large-scale processing of data. He has helped architect and develop analytics solutions for numerous clients during his sabbatical with Avalon.

     Mohan will bring the lessons learned from these experiences back to the Rose-Hulman classroom in 2014-15, with an Introduction to Hadoop course next fall and a Principles of Modern Databases course next spring.

     In six years at Rose-Hulman, Mohan has helped revolutionize the software engineering curriculum four times to meet present and future technological challenges.

     “I rarely teach the same course the same way,” he says.

     The quality of senior capstone design projects has improved incrementally as well—along with providing real-world experiences. Now, the junior-year projects course preparing students for their capstone experience is operated like a software company, with five student teams working in subgroups on related mini-projects to support the client’s goals. This real-world project exposure helps develop graduates that make immediate impacts to their new employers. In fact, 2012 Rose-Hulman graduate Kevin Risden is Dr. Mohan’s supervisor at Avalon Consulting, and two other alumni are seen as rising stars within the company.

     “We need to use something in class that’s real. Our senior design course works,” says Mohan. “Students need a solid foundation on the base concepts in software engineering. That base allows them to learn new things quickly and stay ahead of the changing technological landscape."

"If you’re excited and passionate about something, the students will usually follow,” says Mohan.

Associate Professor of Software Engineering
Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science, University of Madras, 2001
Master’s Degree, Computer Science, Indiana University, 2003
Ph.D., Computer Science, Indiana University, 2007

Areas of Specialization: Database Systems, Database Security, Human Computer Interaction and Software Quality Assurance

Research Activities: Database Security, Distributed Database Systems and Software Engineering Pedagogy

Industrial Consulting Experience: Currently on sabbatical as senior consultant for Texas-based Avalon Consulting's Big Data Solution practice. He also consulted with Tata Consultancy Services on data privacy and compliance with European Union privacy laws.

Courses Taught: Intro to Database Systems, Software Quality Assurance, Advanced Database Systems, Software Engineering Senior Capstone Projects, Software Requirements Engineering, Version Control Paradigms, Introduction to Data Mining and Modern Database Paradigms