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Professor Wayne Padgett is EEWeb's Featured Electrical Engineer

May 7, 2014


Dedicated Teacher: Wayne Padgett came to Rose-Hulman for the opportunity to teach and inspire aspiring engineers toward rewarding careers in electrical and computer engineering.

Rose-Hulman professor Wayne Padgett, PhD, encourages young people to take up the challenge of solving such global problems as creating affordable clean water and putting appropriate technology in the hands of the poor so that they can create their own solutions. This has led to him being named this week’s EEWeb featured electrical engineer.

“Engineers are making a difference in the world,” states Padgett in an online interview. “Engineering is a tool that can be applied to global problems and we need outstanding young people to take up the challenge of these problems and get the skills needed to solve them.

He continues, “Engineering can be a lot of fun, so what could be better than doing something good in the world, and enjoying it?”

Padgett also passes along words of encouragement to students--future engineers--how he got into electrical engineering; noteworthy engineering experiences; and current educational projects.

Read the interview.

Padgett, celebrating his 20th year on the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty, specializes in fixed-point digital signal processing (DSP) programming. He conducts research on real-time DSP, acoustics, and image processing, and has contributed to Texas Instruments, Rockwell Collins and Agere Systems.

“Rose-Hulman is a unique place where teaching is really the central focus, so my desire to teach really fits with the school’s mission,” Padgett told EEWeb. “I will be moving more in the direction of doing engineering design for humanitarian work, which is usually more broad-based than just signal processing and focuses more on the general skills of design and problem solving.”

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