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Our Faculty: Dedicated to Excellence

November 19, 2013

Dr Dee

Active Learning: Kay C Dee, PhD, professor of biomedical engineering, is creative, open, and unafraid to push students to new levels of understanding, according to one of her former students. (Photo by Shawn Spence)

Stroll through any academic building or the Branam Innovation Center and you’re bound to find professors that are dedicated to hands-on learning—and loving every minute of those experiences.

Six professors in mechanical engineering, mathematics, and biomedical engineering were cited in The Princeton Review’s 2012 Best 300 Professors book, many have received national teaching awards, and others are distinguished fellows in their respective fields.

These faculty members are not only dynamic; they’re tough, with high expectations. They’re pushing students to develop the skills needed to become the next generation of scientific and technical leaders.

Emma Dosmar, a 2011 biomedical engineering alumnus, has fond memories of her classroom experiences with Associate Dean of Learning and Technology Kay C Dee, PhD, professor of biomedical engineering. “Professor Dee is very into active learning,” Dosmar says. “She’s creative. She’s open. She’s unafraid to push people to new levels of understanding”

Those skills have helped Dosmar excel in her graduate studies at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

“One thing about Rose-Hulman students is that we have really great presentation skills. Other engineers don’t know how to do PowerPoint,” she says. “We know how to turn in beautiful work. We know how to be personable with our professors, and we are not afraid to ask for help. We’re really good at problem solving. We don’t get overwhelmed. We just tackle it step-by-step.”