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Kern Entreprenuership Education Network Grant Helping Rose-Hulman Make Case for Entrepreneurship

September 4, 2013

Stamper , Rick

Richard Stamper, PhD
Interim Dean of Faculty

     A grant from the Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network will help Rose-Hulman create and use case studies to instill the entrepreneurial mindset in engineering students.

     The institute has started examining current best practices associated with the creation and use of case studies, through American Society of Engineering Education literature and the Harvard Business School. Then, administrators, faculty, and staff members will create a pilot case study, deploy the pilot case study in various engineering classes, and evaluate the effectiveness of the pilot case study.

     Potential case studies would cover these topics: Decisions to design around or license a patent, medical device business case development, product launch design review, and company formation.

     Faculty and staff associated with this project are Rick Stamper, PhD, interim dean of faculty; Bill Kline, PhD, dean of innovation and engagement; Kay C Dee, PhD, associate dean of learning and technology; Brian Dougherty, Rose-Hulman Ventures’ manager of engineering; Julia Williams, PhD, executive director of institutional research, planning, and assessment; Patsy Brackin, PhD, professor of mechanical engineering; Dan Moore, PhD, professor of electrical and computer engineering; and Renee Rogge, PhD, associate professor of applied biology and biomedical engineering.