Programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree are available in the following areas:

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For all curricula the following courses are required in the freshman year:

CLSK 100 College and Life Skills 1
RH 131 Rhetoric and Composition 4
HSS XXX Elective 4
MA 111 Calculus I 5
MA 112 Calculus II 5
MA 113 Calculus III 5
PH 111 Physics I 4
PH 112 Physics II 4

Humanities and Social Science courses are denoted by the prefixes RH, GS, IA, SV, GE, JP, and SP.

Students qualified for advanced placement in mathematics may be given credit by examination for one or more of these courses.

Note that throughout the curricula courses in the humanities and social sciences are required of all students. Each student is encouraged to take additional non-technical courses as electives.