Programs - Entrepreneurship Minor

Increasing globalization and the need for rapid implementation of innovations mean that that 21st Century engineers and scientists need to think like entrepreneurs. Everyone does not have to start a technology based business, but understanding the requirements of technology commercialization needs to be part scientific and technical thinking.

The Engineering Management Program has new programs in entrepreneurship for everyone to consider.  These are intended to provide the basic tools for making new technology commercially successful.

The requirements of the undergraduate minor are 20 credits of the following:

  • EMGT 427  Project Management
  • SV 350  Managerial Accounting
  • SV 356 Corporate Finance
  • IA 453 The Entrepreneur
  • IA 498  Technology Management & Forecasting
    EMGT 423 Intro to Marketing for Technical Products  

Up to 12 credits of EMGT 461, 462 and 463 may be substituted for the classes above. Other substitutions may be made with the approval of the head of the engineering management department.  No more than one course may be transferred in to count toward the minor.

Participation in an entrepreneurial senior design experience approved by the head of the Engineering Management Department.  This may be a part of the student's departmental design course, as well as participation in the Multidisciplinary, Entrepreneurial Design sequence