ROBO 410 Robotics Capstone Design I 1R-6L-3C F
Pre for EE or CPE: ECE 362, and a co-requisite ME 430
Pre for ME: ME senior class standing, and co-requisites of ME 430 and ME 470
Pre for CS or SE: RH 330 and CSSE 374, and a co-requisite ME 430

ROBO 420 Robotics Capstone Design II 1R-6L-3C W
Pre: ROBO 410

ROBO 430 Robotics Capstone Design III 1R-6L-3C S
Pre: ROBO 420

Description: Interdisciplinary group robotics engineering project. This requires the carrying out, from inception to completion, of a robotics-related system development for an approved client. The focus for students from each major is on design appropriate to that major related to robotics. Teamwork activities are expected to involve coordination of multidisciplinary aspects of the project, team planning, leading, and reviewing of project progress versus risks. Engineering practices related to design include requirements and constraint analysis and management, design creation and documentation, prototyping, system construction and testing, following of engineering standards, and management of intellectual property. Technical completion and delivery to the client is expected.