Go ahead, make yourself at home


Rose-Hulman has nine residence halls, two are apartment-style halls. All are but a short walk to the academic buildings and located near the Student Union Building (where our dining hall is).

Your residence hall mates
Your housing application contains one important question to help us determine your roommate: What can you tell us about yourself to help us match you with a roommate? Yes, we said match you. See, one of the perks of going to a small school like Rose-Hulman is that we can take the time to hand match every housing application. You like staying up late and playing video games? We'll find you a roommate who likes the same. It's important that you live with someone with similar religious views? We'll find another student with the same desires. You say it's important that your roommate share your love of cherry ice cream? We'll do our best to find that too.

Incoming freshmen will be housed together in a hall with genders separated by floor. After your freshman year you'll have a broader choice of residence halls from all male houses to halls with co-ed floors.

Your home away from home
While each residence hall has its differences and special features they all have one thing in common: a room designed to provide each student with a comfortable space to call home. Most of our halls contain around 100 students and have easily accessibly common areas creating an atmosphere that encourages students to be friendly and get to know each other.

We're so friendly and home-like that we even toss in a housekeeper for each hall. That's right - someone comes in weekly to clean your room and change your linens. 

To learn more about each hall and specific housing arrangements, visit our Residential Facilities page.