The people are friendly here

RosieNew students are always surprised to be greeted so often by name from all members of the community. Maybe it's our balmy Midwestern location. Maybe it's the sound of music floating from Hatfield Hall. Or maybe there's just something in the water. Whatever it is, it has created a campus environment that is stimulating, welcoming, challenging and… well, fun! A campus with more than 90 student organizations to choose from. A campus where at least 65% of the student body plays an intramural sport, and approximately 85% of them participate in one or more club or organization.There is life outside of the classroom at Rose-Hulman and it's a life you're going to love.

Are you sure this is an engineering school?
Yep, we're sure. Work hard, play hard. That's the way it is at Rose-Hulman. RHIT students arrive on campus with something in common - a love of math and science. In fact, Rose-Hulman students often say that they feel an instant connection on campus. They click with each other and with this environment. Before long, our students are as involved outside the class as they are inside the class. After all, you'll be a better engineer, scientist or mathematician if you are well-rounded. Your academic record shows that you've got what it takes to succeed in your field. Your exposure to life outside the classroom is what makes you a leader.

All that and a nice place to hang your hat
Rose-Hulman looks a lot like one of those tranquil, halls-of-ivy type small liberal arts schools. When you come and visit us (and we do encourage you to come and see us live and in-person), you'll like the fact that Rose-Hulman is neither an urban, chain-link, fenced-in fortress, nor is it out in the middle of nowhere. Located in Terre Haute (the sun 'n' fun playground of southwestern Indiana), we have a serene campus with beautiful old hardwoods (sorry, no palm trees), wide grassy lawns, low-rise buildings that just seem to fit right in, and peaceful ponds. As you stroll through our 200 woodsy acres, you get a nice, secure feeling because we really look like what you think a small college should look like. There's even a creek running through the middle of campus.

Near some of the residence halls, down by the big pond, we do have an actual beach - Speed Beach - complete with sand and water. Just think, where else but at Rose-Hulman could you have the opportunity to be assigned a room in a beautiful "beachfront dorm?"