More than your typical small college

MoenchWhen you picture a small, Midwestern college you probably picture rolling lawns, beautiful hardwood trees, maybe a creek running through the middle. You imagine yourself strolling past low-rise brick buildings, blooms in the springtime, colorful leaves in the fall. Well, you don't realize it - but you're picturing Rose-Hulman.

You might be thinking - so it's pretty, so what? Well, don't let the picturesque surroundings fool you. The buildings on campus are state of the art. From lectures and theatre productions at Hatfield Hall to intramurals and sports at our Sports and Recreation Center to the latest lab equipment in the academic buildings - Rose-Hulman has lots to offer. Best of all, we offer it with a smile. When you're walking across campus you'll often be greeted by a friendly wave and a hello. Our students are pleasantly surprised at the friendly atmosphere on campus. This isn't just a place where you'll go to class; it's a place you'll call home.

Our 200-acre campus isn't full of high-rise buildings. You won't find a lot of concrete or traffic. You will find a peaceful campus that is easy to walk around and those brick buildings - they are filled with all sorts of cool, scientific gear.