So what exactly are your plans AHS? (that's After High School)

Students on CampusIt takes more than a pulse rate and a three-digit IQ to succeed at Rose-Hulman. And we want you to succeed. That's the whole idea. Now, you're probably thinking to yourself "I'm not a graduating senior - what can I do to get ready for college?" The answer: quite a bit.

The first thing you can do is get yourself in the right mindset. Our incoming freshmen are typically at the top of their graduating class, in the 95th percentile on the SAT or ACT and they took lots of science, math and English. A well-rounded individual, ready to work hard, with a solid academic background - that's a student ready for Rose-Hulman.

Rose-Hulman has a proven record of being one of the nation's leading undergraduate engineering, mathematics and science colleges. How can you prepare to join this elite institution? We expect all incoming freshmen to meet the following high school course requirements:

  • 4 years English
  • 4 years Mathematics
  • 2 years Social Sciences
  • 1 year Chemistry
  • 1 year Physics
  • 1 year Science

Minimum test scores from either the SAT of 500 Critical Reading & 550 Math or ACT 21 English & 24 Math

Consideration is also given to your class rank, grades and the strength of your curriculum.

When reviewing applications we also take into account your involvement in student activities. Sports, student government, music - we want individuals who are … well, individual! We have an active fraternity/sorority system, more than 90 clubs and student organizations and NCAA Division III athletic teams. So while you're in high school, make sure you take some time away from the books. After all, education happens in the world around us too.

Rose-Hulman offers special opportunities throughout the year to high school students: campus visits, and for juniors, summer adventures like Operation Catapult.

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