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Our students are offered a totally unique opportunity on our south campus, just a five-minute drive away, at Rose-Hulman Ventures. There, students work on real projects for technology-based companies, enhancing the classroom experience with hands-on application. In a Rose-Hulman Ventures position, you would work under the direction of a full-time project manager to design, prototype and test products and services. Companies that use Rose-Hulman Ventures' services include both start-ups and long-established businesses. 

Rose-Hulman Ventures offers paid internships on a part-time basis during the academic year and full-time during the summer. Of course, hours are flexible based on an intern's class schedule. Freshmen through seniors are encouraged to apply.

Wondering what kind of work you could do at Rose-Hulman Ventures? Check out what was developed in a few projects:

  • Surgical devices
  • Graphics processing software
  • Enclosure for electronic video processing system
  • Tabletop parallel chemical reactor system
  • Modular road grader and ditch digger
  • Internal combustion engine
  • PDA applications
  • Wireless monitoring sensors
  • Wireless bar coding and tracking system
  • Condensing system for recovery of waste solvents

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