Rose-Hulman is a stepping stone to a fantastic career

Check out our impressive career placement statistics.


What kind of a career will you be prepared for after a Rose-Hulman education?


The simple answer is this: an excellent one. There are countless careers for engineering, science and mathematics professionals in education, government and industry. Here are just a few examples:

Artificial joint design Chemical process research
Cancer research Health-care product research
Patent law Hazardous waste management
Roller coaster design Consumer safety investigations
Space flight engineer Forensic chemistry
Urban planning Quality assurance
Software engineering Solar physics
Consumer product design and testing Automated fabrication


One reason a Rose-Hulman education makes you so marketable is because you learn teamwork and problem-solving no matter what your major. In addition, we start preparing our students for careers during their freshman year. You formulate your résumé, learn interviewing skills and hear alumni presentations during your first semester and there are additional workshops throughout your four years. By the time you're a senior, interacting with potential employers is second nature.

But it's not just workshops that prepare our graduates so well. You are also highly encouraged - by Rose-Hulman and industry - to do an internship or co-op while you're in school.

Our Career Services Office is here to provide students with all the resources you need to get connected with employers for internships, co-ops and post-graduation jobs. Find out more here.

What can you expect to earn as a Rose-Hulman graduate? Well, the 2015 graduating class was headed toward jobs with an average accepted offer of $66,940. Not bad for a 22-year-old, eh? Here is the breakdown by major for those reporting:

Major Average Rose-Hulman Accepted Salary
Biomedical Engineering $63,375
Civil Engineering $58,303
Chemical Engineering $67,645
Chemistry $46,000
Computer Engineering $65,585
Computer Science $84,789
Electrical Engineering $67,567
Mathematics $61,500
Mechanical Engineering $64,610
Physics $65,000
Software Engineering $75,387