Internships prepare you for your career and put cash in your pocket

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Career Fair Rose-Hulman highly encourages all of its students to work in at least one summer internship. Most students work internships following their sophomore and junior years, although freshmen are also eligible. Our network runs far and wide, so we can connect students with internships relevant to their majors and interests. We conduct 3 career fairs each year for full-time, intern and co-op positions, making it even easier to explore possibilities and find the perfect summer experience. You do not receive academic credit for an internship, but employers do pay well. By doing an internship in the summer, students can focus on that work without having to worry about keeping up with classroom assignments. It's important to note that many internships turn into post-graduation job offers.

An alternative to a summer internship is a co-op experience. The difference is that the co-op occurs during the academic year. As a Rose-Hulman student, you could begin a co-op as early as the spring quarter of your sophomore year. While working, you often do not take classes, so it usually takes five years to complete a degree. You do not receive academic credit for a co-op, but employers do pay well. The tradeoff for the extra year of schooling, however, is you are able to undertake projects that are often larger than those available during an internship. Many companies provide housing for their co-op students, making it even more convenient for you. As with internships, Rose-Hulman has great connections in many industries for finding the co-op opportunity of most interest and benefit to each student. In fact, we have more co-op opportunities available than students to fill them!

Top five benefits of internships:

  1. Great pay
  2. Relevant experience
  3. Networking opportunities
  4. A way to find out what kind of work you want to do
  5. Real projects