Equations not computing? Words getting garbled? We can help.

If you bump against a challenge you can't solve on your own, Rose-Hulman has resources to help from the moment you step on campus. At New Student Orientation you will be introduced to a member of the faculty who will serve as your academic adviser. Your adviser can help you with course planning, problems related to college work and life on campus. In the middle of each grading period, you will receive a progress report through your adviser, providing the opportunity to discuss any problems related to academic progress.

You might just be struggling with some homework or need some study guidance. We have resources for that too:

The Learning Center
The Learning Center, located in the lower level of the Logan Library, offers academic assistance for any freshman or sophomore Rose-Hulman course as well as most upper-level classes. Peer tutors, specially trained students supervised by professional staff, do the majority of the tutoring at the Center, working one-on-one with students. Professors encourage students to participate in Learning Center programs and study sessions.

The Learning Center offers services for every student:

  • One-on-one peer tutoring
  • Peer editing
  • Organized study groups
  • Personal academic advisement
  • Quiet study areas
  • Course files
  • Study skills improvement
  • Workshops

Students with Special Needs or Disabilities
The Director of International Student Services and Special Programs serves as an advocate and contact person for any student with disabilities. Students needing special accommodations for housing, academics or other situations must provide the Director with documents establishing the disability and a need for accommodation, which the student must specifically request. Documents may be submitted from psychologist, psychiatrist, or family doctors to the Director after the student has been admitted to Rose-Hulman. Any documents submitted by students with special needs should be dated within three years.