Learning at Rose-Hulman is hands-on

Numerous foundations have awarded grants for instrumentation, laboratory instruction, and program development to Rose-Hulman. This is part of a $70+ million academic expansion we have made to provide you with some of the newest and best laboratories and equipment dedicated to undergraduate education in the country. And unlike most other places, your tuition money is not used to fund these labs.

Rose-Hulman students spend a lot of time doing hands-on research, working on real world experiments and even working with real live companies. Cool stuff, huh? We encourage our students to take on extra challenges in our special programs. Whether you're putting together a concentration in imaging systems, developing a solution for a company or taking on new challenges in an internship - it's all par for the course at Rose-Hulman.

In the past year Rose-Hulman students have been found…

Exploring how people use computers and software in Rose-Hulman's Usability Laboratory.

Participating on the ecoCAR team to redesign a sport utility vehicle to reduce the environmental impact of vehicles.

Making significant scientific discoveries through projects supported by the Interdisciplinary Research Collaborative (IRC) and Joseph and Reba Weaver undergraduate research programs.