Why Rose-Hulman? We are focused on you.

The fundamental purpose of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is to educate students for careers in engineering, science and mathematics. We strive to graduate scientists and engineers who are technically competent and creative, and who are aware of the roles of engineering and science in solving social problems. We are confident that the RHIT curriculum you pursue will provide a broad and valuable analytical background for graduates who choose to pursue careers in fields such as business, the social sciences, medicine, and law, or who wish to continue their education in graduate studies.

How do we do it?
Well, we maintain high admissions standards, we keep our class size small and we emphasize excellent teaching and hire faculty who agree that classroom instruction is their first priority. But here are four other points worth pounding in your head:

  • Quality classes/quality professors. Whatever courses you take in engineering, science, math or the humanities, you learn best in small classes. And you learn best from experts in their subjects who also enjoy teaching.
  • Hands-on, problem-solving labs. Labs are made for experimenting. You learn best when you are thrown a challenge and you are encouraged to experiment until you find an answer. Theory is fine, but you are a problem solver. And you should see some of the problems our students are solving every day.
  • Challenged by other excellent students. You are among the tops in your high school class. Yawn. Now imagine going to a school filled with "tops in their class." Wow! You can almost feel the excitement and the electricity.
  • Involved in outside activities. You like drama? At Rose-Hulman we don't have theatre arts majors so come join our drama club. You like sports? We don't have Phys Ed majors either (wonder why?) so you can play sports - NCAA varsity or intramural. You like to talk? Well, we do have a lot of motormouths, but come join one of our academic competition teams. At Rose-Hulman, we encourage you to continue your hobbies and interests and take up new ones, even if it's not in your major. After all, how many people do you know whose hobby is "engineering"?

RHIT guiding principles
Rose-Hulman puts the student first. We--

  • maintain small size, small classes, and individual attention;
  • provide active help and a general sense of caring support;
  • encourage interaction within the Rose-Hulman community;
  • emphasize undergraduate education while maintaining quality programs in graduate and continuing education.