To improve the world, you must understand the world.

At Rose-Hulman, we believe that an engineer can't always rely on mathematical formulas, algorithms, applications, computers or instruments. For engineers and scientists to be effective and really make a difference, they have to show how their solutions relate to other people and their problems. Learning to understand and communicate clearly with all types of people is a critical skill. And it's the reason why the Humanities and Social Sciences Department is one of our largest academic areas.

Surprised? At Rose-Hulman you'll take 20% of your courses in the humanities and social sciences - all taught by professors and customized to fit the specific needs of your analytical education. So, while it's true that we have fantastic engineering and science departments (just check them out below), you'll be branching out in your time here and that will make you a better engineer or scientist in the future.

Academic Department List

Biology & Biomedical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Civil Engineering
Computer Science & Software Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Engineering Management
Humanities and Social Sciences
Graduate Studies
Mechanical Engineering
Physics and Optical Engineering (Also Engineering Physics)

Course Catalog