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Degree Requirements

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Robotics is a fast-growing field that is inherently multidisciplinary.  Robotic systems are made of mechanical, electrical, and biological parts as well as software.  Robotics encompasses many fields including mobile robots, industrial robots, mechatronics, controls, programming, and assistive technologies. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology offers a multidisciplinary minor in robotics to recognize students who have gained experience in a robotics-related area while at Rose-Hulman. The multidisciplinary minor in robotics is available to most majors at Rose-Hulman.

Students can find out more information about the robotics minor degree requirements in the academic catalog.

Students who want to pursue the minor should complete a declaration of intent form. That from requires signatures from Dr. Fisher (current Robotics director) and your academic advisor. There is no Minor Advisor in Robotics. Once complete return the form to the registrar. This form will add the minor requirements to your degree evaluation on Banner. Note that completion of the minor will be noted on the student's official transcript but not on the diploma.

Robotics Minor Intent Form