Contact this office:
(812) 877-8400

Research and Project Contact Information

Project Information

Community Service Projects
Projects for community and individual needs
Contact Azad Siahmakoun,
Associate Dean of Faculty 
Collaborative Projects
For those interested in collaborating with RHIT faculty, students and/or staff
Contact Azad Siahmakoun,
Associate Dean of Faculty
Faculty Expertise and Research Interests
For a list of faculty research interests and areas of expertise please refer to the Faculty Resource Book
Contact Azad Siahmakoun,
Associate Dean of Faculty

Research at RHIT

Sponsored Programs Office
Faculty initiated research grant and contract support 
Contact Linda Price,
Director of Sponsored Programs 
Graduate Studies Office
RHIT constituents contact the Associate Dean of Faculty for more detailed internal information 
Contact Azad Siahmakoun,
Associate Dean of Faculty
Human Subject Research
Information regarding use of human subject in research 
Contact Daniel Morris,
Institute Reviewer 
Animal Care and Use Committee
Information regarding use of animals in research 
Contact Renee Rogge,
IACUC Chairperson