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What is Rose-Hulman's HERE Program?

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HERE is our Home for Environmentally Responsible Engineering. It’s a first-year living-learning experience for 24 students who have interest in sustainability or humanitarian engineering or on the impacts engineers and scientists have on the world around us.

Based on these interests, HERE students live together, take a sequence of classes together, and take part in special professional development opportunities and extracurricular projects.

The HERE program is open to incoming freshmen of all majors. Together, your group will enroll in special sections of three courses that provide an important part of the first-year experience. Because these courses meet requirements for almost all Rose-Hulman students, the program will keep you right on track for graduation.

HERE sections are taught by professors who have worked together to integrate the courses with sustainability themes: thinking in terms of systems; exploring renewable and non-renewable energy; learning about the food-water-energy nexus; life-cycle assessment; and much more. Our core approach integrates the disciplines, applying sustainable principles and concerns across both academic study and lifestyle.


Throughout the year, you’ll apply what you’re learning from the HERE Program in a series of design projects, one or more of which will actually be implemented on the Rose-Hulman campus. Already, student-designed HERE projects can be found all over campus, from rainwater harvesting at our greenhouse to efficient lighting redesign to a bioswale.

Since our inception in 2011, HERE has been designed to provide students with important benefits. Our goal is to help students develop and improve the kinds of communication, awareness, and design skills that will help you contribute— personally as well as professionally—to local, national and global sustainability. Research suggests, for instance, that students in living-learning communities tend to earn higher grades on average, and they tend to find more meaning and satisfaction in their learning experience. Many seniors tell us they met their best friends in the HERE program. And employers of Rose-Hulman alumni report repeatedly that they’re looking for graduates who’ve developed an understanding of sustainability issues as an integral part of their engineering skills.

 By joining HERE, you get to:

  • Enjoy a unique educational and residential environment focused on sustainability
  • Work with faculty from engineering, sciences, and humanities with expertise in sustainability studies
  • Design and implement real sustainable engineering projects on the Rose-Hulman campus, courtesy of a generous grant from Procter & Gamble

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